This text-compare tool identifies the main differences in between two texts, compares each character using different algorithms and displays results in milliseconds. It can be used for various purposes like blogging content, checking plagiarism, and others.

How to use a Diff Checker?

Follow the simple steps below to use this online difference checker:

  • Type or paste content into the input boxes above.
  • Click the Check Difference button.
Diff Checker

How does Difference Checker work?

This text difference checker will compare the given text/ files and highlight the unique text written on both sides. It compares the text line by line and examines possible differences between the given texts.

If you enter text into the checker to compare texts, the tool uses the latest technology to find each piece of unique content as:

  • The checker quickly highlights different words, phrases and sentences to prevent plagiarism from being published.
  • You can also use our plagiarism checker to ensure you submit original and unique content.

Features of online Diff Checker

  • No need to get register
    • Now there is no need to complete the registration process to use our diff checker. Online diff checker is completely free and requires nothing to find a comparison.
  • Files Support (Feature Coming Soon..)
    • This feature provides an option to compare text files in different formats, including TXT, PDF, DOC and DOCX.
  • Highlights the Different Content
    • If the examiner finds a unique word or phrase, it will highlight it and bold it in green and red. Finds exact match content The scanner scans specified documents and does not change the colour of exact match content.

Advantages of using Difference Checker Online

Some of the main benefits of using this online difference checker:

  • It helps webmasters to publish high quality content by comparing and finding unique text.
  • Save time which consumes by manually comparing files for the same text.
  • Developers can use this code difference to find uniqueness in different codes. (Feature Coming Soon…)
  • Instead of typing or pasting content, it allows users to upload files in different formats. (Feature Coming Soon…)
  • Generate accurate text comparison reports in seconds.

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